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It is difficult to comment on a budget without involving politics. Budgets shouldnt be political of course, but they are.

The first observation was, why were the front bench nearly all wearing something purple? Have they joined some sort of cult? Very concerning, but perhaps not as worrying as just seeing Harriet Harman on the front bench.

Anyway, at the risk of upsetting any public service workers who read this, the reduction of the huge current deficit is the priority and it is these very employees who should be the target. In Ireland public service workers had their salaries cut by a whopping 10%. Ok things were even more critical there but, given that the average public sector wage is now higher than the average private sector (and we wont get onto pensions) I think the massive savings that could be made in this area should have been targeted. I would also structure the cuts to hit the higher paid public sector workers more significantly. For instance GPs and teachers have seen their salaries increase very substantially over the past few years

The savings would run into many billions and would give the finances an immediate shot in the arm. Of course the danger is the reaction and lets face it, Labour is not going to immediately alienate its core constituency.

Also i do believe that the £80k “Recession Advisor” hired by one council last year (sadly I cannot find the ad) should now do his bit to help… 

For those that wich to have a good rant about public sector wages and pensions, enjoy the very typically Daily Mail piece linked below


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