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The most hated business?


It would now appear that this unpleasant enterprise’s decision to cut rents to landlords is having a severe knock on effect (see Daily Mail article). It looks as if a domino effect is on the cards.

Also they would appear to be attempting to get leeway on VAT payments (a Times article I cannot link sadly) and there is seemingly an undercurrent of “what will happens to the residents if we go bust”. Not good…

Perhaps the most relevant article is the Mirror piece above. This is where it really hits home. We are dealing with frail and helpless people here. Is there anything more that needs to be added?

They come first, second and third in my book, bit the sooner this vile business is dead, the better

And this must not happen again

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  1. Ron B
    June 23, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    I have commented on this before somewhere. The situation with Southern Cross is not about a business and its worth Etc. In this particular care it is about people and corporations being allowed to strip a company bare to line their own and their shareholders pockets. I read more and more about the directors cashing in Etc. Those directors flew the coop some while ago. If people want to point the blame point it in the direction of those that did profiteer and then ran away smiling. Perhaps there should be an insider dealing enquiry even at this late stage.
    Some of those people are doing it elsewhere and in a similar if not identical situation why are people not looking there to prevent a similar occurence.
    Those parties are not only lining their own pockets again they are also creating havoc by coaxing staff away from Southern Cross to assist in their new venture.
    This really is not an ordinary set of circumstances. Journalists from around the globe are keeping an eye out. Waiting for that next big story. Perhaps we should also .

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