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Paul Krugman

Credit management is naturally linked to economics. The economic situation at any one time will affect different sectors in different ways and of course this has to be part of the decision making process. Now not every credit manager needs to be able to write long papers on quaniative easing and relative GDP’s but it would be amiss to be completely ignorant of whats going on out there.

Paul Krugman is a famous economist who writes for the New York Times. Hes very readable and is generally left leaning (by US standards). The piece i’ve linked to highlights the possible (maybe likely) Republican candidate’s claims of economic success in his home state of Texas. If you haven’t heard of Rick Perry, you soon will do so and there is a possibility that his “vision’ will affect us all sometime in the future. He’s not exactly “tea party” but not far off. Worth also noting that the previous Texan (sort of ) president, George Bush cannot stand him and hes been called an “idiot” by senior Republicans for his “treason” remarks (Google it)

Also there is this cracking piece on Standard and Poor, the rightly maligned crerdit rating agency

Which includes this perfect summary..

Let’s start with S.& P.’s lack of credibility. If there’s a single word that best describes the rating agency’s decision to downgrade America, it’s chutzpah — traditionally defined by the example of the young man who kills his parents, then pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan.

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