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Who wrote this?

Last week I was consulting and training with a very pleasant new client on credit management issues and as part of the process, we looked at the written communications that this business used.

They were reliant on generic letters produced by a very well known accounting package. These letters were simply awful…

Not only was their no scope for a deadline date within the text (essential in my opinion) but they were badly laid out and frankly poorly written

Most hilariously, the “final demand” letter stated that “this will be our final communication on this matter”. Really?

My view is that, unless the sheer numbers of debtors defeat you. a reliance on reminder letters should be avoided. If possible, the only reminder should be the final one (after the necessary calls have been made and recorded) and in that instance, it should always have clear deadlines, options to respond (get them talking at the very least) and include reference to previous communication

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