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Apple genius

I wonder if anyone has ever credit checked Apple Inc? In the last ten years anyway. It would be great to have access to Dun and Bradstreet’s records. Or maybe thats a little cruel

Either way, the passing of Steve Jobs has bought into focus what a giant of a business this is. A lot has been said but I do believe job’s reference to Henry Ford’s quote is very illustrative of his thinking

“Ask the public what they want and they say, Faster horses”

And that was the key. My view is that other tech providers didn’t quite grasp that we don’t wish to fiddle around with anti virus software and we don’t wish to have a flimsy built laptop that has to be repaired every year and we don’t wish to have customer service levels of Dixons and Curries

And they are beautiful machines.

Its all been said elsewhere but RIP Steve Jobs.

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