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Is this the Last Christmas for HMV?

I will resist the temptation to link to the old Wham hit but the question does hang in the air. My local HMV is now in Kingston (Richmond having closed abruptly and surprisingly a couple of months ago) and the queues there last Sunday were massive. Must have been 100 metres at least. Hardly the sign of a disappearing chain one would have thought. But this analysis is sad but probably true

Neil Saunders, retail analyst at Conlumino, summed up HMV’s perilous future: “HMV no longer has a viable business model. Well over half of all music and film sales are now made via digital downloads and with each passing year sales through physical stores dwindle still further. It is a tide that HMV can’t stem and it means that the economics of its store-based model increasingly fail to stack up.”

Link is here

Hard to argue and as a sometime visitor to their Oxford street flagship store, it is certainly noticeable that it is a lot less crowded than in years gone by

So what next? Ipods and downloads are killing the retail chains. Kindle is the next predator perhaps? I can hardly complain if so, given that i’m getting one for xmas

Have a great break

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