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Retail hell but should it be?

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Barratts, D2, Past times, La Senza and with Blacks seemingly likely to follow, the news from the high street is not improving but two things have sprung to my mind

Firstly, rising rents are frequently blamed for the collapses (as well as a lack of flexibility with payments of rents). I will admit that the lease property market is not one i’m overly familiar with but do they have their heads in the sand? Why are “rents rising” when high streets are emptying out? And is it better to force a client into administration and thus likely to be left with empty premises than perhaps show a little leeway? Answers please…

My second observation is that it is not just the economy that is killing these chains or indeed the internet. In truth some of the retailers are simply out of tune or not very good at delivering service. And there is in my part of the world a revival of a certain type of retailer which may well replicate across the economy

Now before going further, I do live in one of the most affluent areas of the country with a fairly highly educated population (and no comments please asking what I am doing here), but independent small chains of food retailers are thriving. Laverstock Park butchers have opened very successfuly in Twickenham (the third new butcher in the area to have opened in recent times) and the excellent Gails bakery chain thrives.

Both have targeted a market successfully and perhaps a desire to see a food based retail environment on the high street (driven a little by the revival in markets) is stronger than many imagine

Ok so what happens in Richmond upon Thames might not translate to Dagenham or Stoke on trent but it is a welcome and interesting trend

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