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Ease of business index


Some of you may recall the World Corruption Index i liked a few months back. Well here is an updated Ease of business index from the same source, the World Bank

And interesting reading it makes too…

Here are some highlights

– The Uk scores highly at number 7 overall but is number 68 for “registering a property”

– Germany comes in at 19 overall but is a pretty dreadful 98 for “ease of starting a business” and 97 for “protecting investors”. Why is that?

– India is a pretty shocking 132 overall and is the third worst country in the entire world for obtaining construction permits and enforcing contracts and well as ranking as low as 166 for starting a business. Quite unbelievable for an economy which is seemingly developing at a frantic rate

– The traditionally and historically trading nation, the Netherlands, only comes in at 31 overall. Below Portugal

– France is ranked very low (for an developed economy) at 44 for ‘resolving insolvency’ but is very high at 6 for ‘enforcing contracts’, which bears out my experience

– China ranks 91 overall and Hong kong at 2. Draw your own conclusions about integration in this part of the world

– The best country in the world for ‘resolving insolvency’ is … Japan

– Where is Italy? Below Albania, Mongolia and Zambia

– Subsaharan Africa scores very poorly overall, but Ghana scores reasonably well at 63 overall and Botswana is higher still at 53

All in all, very interesting stuff

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