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Why chose an Apple?

Soon I am going to sound a little too evangelical but the answer to the question is why the hell not?

I had a small problem with my Apple MAC pro (thought it was going to be worse than it was) and horror of horrors it was a week past warranty date

So i take it into the very busy Kingston store and an appointment was set up in 20 minutes. Fine. This was at 11am. They tested and tested and then found it was a slightly loose internal cable. The charge for this?

£24 to replace and £10 labour. Not bad at all

Did they charge? No. I was one week past warranty date and thats cool with them

And when did this extremely busy store have it ready for me? By 2pm

The store is packed and yet a well known and highly disliked national electronic retailer near me is nearly always empty. When I remind you that their reaction to a break down within warranty was (and these were exact words to me on one occasion) “well you will have to send it back to the manufacturers wont you?”, you will know who i am talking about

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