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Olympics and London

I think everyone is well aware that the Olympics are about to start in London and there is little more to add about the actual sport other than it is surely going to be a great success in what is the most diverse and fascinating city in the world. The one truly international city many would say

But what is the effect on business?

A feel good factor is never ti be underestimated but on a more practical and downbeat level, the whole event seems to have become a byword for inaction. The Olympic factor is “wait until after the olympics”

This is fine and in many ways August is a bit like that anyway, but a lot of this is driven by rather hysterical travel concerns

There will of course be a large number of people at the event. Over the course of a day 300,000 will be attending and of course that will impact

But how much? A football match at Wembley and a rugby match at Twickenham have often been played on the same day with a combined 200,000 attending

Does London grind to a halt then? Not at all

The Olympics will be fantastic i’m sure, but its no reason why its shouldnt be business as usual


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