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Yellow pages turn red

In my last fill time role as a credit manager, the group I was working for had considerable worldwide exposure across a number of group companies to Yell (the publishers of yellow pages). At the time there were rumours in the press that they were facing difficulties and having taken a look at the accounts, i could see why.

They had massive debt

Naturally enough my role was to quietly highlight this and I did so. And what happened? A senior account manager threw his toys out of the pram. The worstfdihaveeverworkedfor (lets give him that title) totally failed to back me up. Not good, but things move on

Now they are back in the news again with exactly the same difficulties and perhaps more pronounced now

No credit manager should delight in “i told you so” because companies in trouble is not good news in any circumstances most especially for the employees. We should never forget how stressful that can be

So lets hope that they resolve this. I haven’t looked at the accounts again but having said that, the scenario remains familiar. And thats not least because Yell is facing a lot of competition out there on the net.

When was the last time you used Yellow pages?

My warning then did not come to pass but sadly it may still do so

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