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don_mccullin_1000_yard_stareI have already experienced the best cinematic experience of 2013. A bit early to say you may well think but the documentary McCullin will live long in the memory. Many of you will be familiar with this truly great photographers work even if you couldn’t pin the name down but what amounts to a comprehensive insight into his work is both stunning and often very moving.

Simply relying on interviews with McCulin and excellent insights from the ex Times editor Harold Evans, intershot with some footage as well as those stunning images, this amounts to a documentary which is straightforward in execution and all the more powerful for being so. The working class Londoner talks in an understated and yet very clear english manner without sentiment and yet with great feeling. He absolutely holds you attention

Documentaries have been the surprise success story of the film industry in recent years and some wonderful filmmaking such as Man on a wire and Inside Story has brought in the audiences. But this masterpiece stands above them all

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