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End of HMV

HMV store TrocaderoMaybe or maybe not, but having visited the flagship Oxford street store today, the only conclusion was that the store is finished.

It was a shambles, most especially in the once excellent jazz and classical rooms which have been bundled together into a half empty shelf mess

No one visiting today would be in a hurry to return and unless at least a veneer of regular trading is maintained, the store will have the distinct stench of decay

Very sad. This was once a great London shopping institution


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  1. david mullins
    March 22, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Agree Clive-very sad and the customer service at HMV was the best on the high street, the staff were fantastic and i feel very sorry for them. Its a terrible state of affairs as where the hell do you go on the high street to buy a CD-a sign of the times but the real music lover now only has the specialist stores which are great but not so well/broadley stocked. However, HMV made their mistakes nearly 20 years ago by charging stupid prices for new CDs often sold for £15-99-i used to walk out of their stores for that reason. They never caught up with the online and digital experience either but at the end of the day the way we consume music has changed and its a sign of the times. My kids consume music through xbox, PC and you tube etc and the value of holding a product in their hands has no real meaning as they’ve never known any different. Its a shame though, how i crave the old days (he says with spotify on in the background!)

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