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Ireland and Apple


There has been a lot of hot air over the past week from Cameron regarding corporate tax evasion. It is a big issue of course and rightly raises the hackles of businesses and individuals  without the resources to take advantage of tax havens but to my mind, unless you can create a degree of harmony right across the every nation state, then the ability to exploit will always be available. 

Thats an impossible dream of course but when within the EU itself this very issue is not addressed then you can see the scale of the problem. And when the state involved is one that has received enormous assistance from other EU states because of its own economic mismanagement, then we have to wonder what the hell is going on

Ireland’s relationship with Apple corp is a disgrace  


How on earth this can be justified within the EU is beyond me and how does it give EU members the right to lecture Belize, Cayman islands and so on if they cannot even get close to getting their house in order?

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