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EE. Britain’s worst business

EE_Logo-new-webIf ever a business was seemingly on a suicide mission then it has to be EE. Without doubt they are the worst business in Britain.

Where do we start? Perhaps first of all they claim to be a mobile phone operator. This is a lie under the trade descriptions act. A phone call is only a phone call when it is completed without the almost inevitable “call failed” breaking into the conversation. Every bloody time

And this doesn’t happen in the depths of Wales or Lake District. It happens in the centre of London

Two tin cans and a piece of string would be better

So what do we do? Go to their shops with clueless school leaver staff? Not a chance. Call their customer services. Now this is where it gets even worse

Guess where the call centre is. Yes. Useless

My contract to this dreadful business was transferred from t mobile. I had cause to ring t mobile about once every five years and the nice Scottish lady at the other end was always absolutely terrific

When will these stupid businesses understand that customer service is VITAL

With luck EE will go bust. I am out of their contract at the end of the year and simply counting down the days. Thinks it just me? Then read this


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