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Unhappy landlords


A rather inflammatory set of statements form the landlord’s association. Lots of talk of “small landlords” (under 5′ 5″ perhaps?) and “pensioners” being effectively ripped off by pre pack administrations.

The suggestion is that landlords should seek extra security. Fine. if they can do so then they are clearly at liberty to do so, but the other side of the coin is that it is a market. There are a lot of empty business premises in many parts of the country. I would expect it would be a lot easier for a landlord to dictate terms for a property on Marylebone High street rather than a street full of empty units in Middlesborough say. But even then, should the terms be the same regardless?

The advice from the BPF is frankly a little one paced in my opinion. If Apple are mulling over one of your units whilst also looking at another further up the street, are you going to hammer them with tough terms?

This is where credit management is again so very vital. Of course the chances of Apple entering a pre-pack are tiny but naturally enough there are plenty of retailers struggling

It is not impossible to find out who is who. It is called credit checking

And once again I would emphasise that the vast majority of bad debts are entirely predictable in the filed accounts.

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