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Universal McCann Should know better


UM are one of the biggest players in the media buying world and you would have thought a respectable name. Unfortunately they have acted in a particularly charmless manner with one of my clients. I will keep it brief but here was chain of events

– UM placed an order for advertising to be run on behalf of its client 

– My clients t&c’s were accepted and the advert ran. Transaction complete

– UM then send a mail stating that their terms and conditions must be agreed before they “issue a purchase order”

– No payment will be made with the PO. Blackmail

– Their terms include a “paid when paid” clause (and a couple of other “unreasonable” terms). This was completely unacceptable to my client

– Paid when paid means my client is expected to wait indefinitely and also take on the credit risk of end client

So what did we do?

Hit them hard. They were emailed and told in no uncertain manner …. well I keep the details to myself

What happened? My client was accused of “an aggressive approach” (the irony) but suddenly they found a new set of T&cs without the rogue clauses.

Funny that


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