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Invoice financing. The myths

Here’s my latest mailshot

Are you or your clients getting the best deal from your lender? If not, these might be some of the reasons why.

– “Their collections are awful”
As a credit manager I will be able to tell you why

– “Factoring was the only option” 
Invoice discounting is more readily available than many realise

– “They will not finance my debtors”
Lenders vary enormously in what they will and wont finance. Lets find out why

– “They will not cover export debt”
They might not, but many do

– “I keep getting penalties”
Perhaps they are as desperate for your business as they should be?

– “My personal guarantee worries me”
Depending on status, this can be reviewed

– “There are few alternatives”
If you think around 40 lenders is too few, then I agree

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  1. January 22, 2015 at 12:04 am

    An invoice factoring service is a method for corporate to convert sales on credit terms to speedy business cash flow. In nowadays market, it is very necessary to have access to current working capital, which you can acquire without difficulty from a factoring service provider. If there is a rise in the sale of any type of business selling on credit terms. Mostly working capital is always required. This growth might outcome in credit sales to industrial accounts generating a scarcity of cash flows. In such a condition, the invoice factoring becomes beneficial for your corporate.

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