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The future of Heathrow and why Boris is wrong


I should of first declare an interest here. I live fairly close to Heathrow and yet avoid the flightpath so effectively, I have the best of both worlds. I would also add that it is or at least has been, a pretty horrible airport. But should it go?

The whole of London  is aware of the ongoing debate and most prominently we have had Boris Johnson promoting his plans for a new airport in north Kent. You can see the attraction on some practical levels and certainly you can see why any politician hanging his hat on this will be expecting to be viewed as a “clear eyed visionary” rather than a purveyor of supposedly muddled solutions. 

A new airport does look very straightforward on paper but there are a couple of very important points that are seemingly often overlooked and yet i believe to be crucial

Firstly a wide range of businesses have located their international head offices around the Bath Road and M4 Corridor. The Heathrow effect stretches right out to Reading and beyond. There is a huge commitment to location for any number of firms, most especially in the vital technology sector. If Heathrow were to close, the assumption would be that they would relocate to Kent or south east london. Fine if they do, but equally Amsterdam, Geneva and Dublin would be on the agenda. That would not be welcome

Secondly there is the simple issue of location. Just because Heathrow is a “London airport” its reach obviously stretches a lot further and it is glaringly obvious that the west of London is a lot more accessible to the rest of the country than the distant south east. This not only applies to those travelling out but also those travelling in and that can include those that are vital to the wider economy

There is more of course but lets address these points first?



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