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Shame on Adidas and Nike


Suppliers can supply to who they want to and on whichever terms they see fit. There is no question about that but the moves by Adidas and Nike to cease supply to smaller retailers unless they hit certain turnover targets is a huge blow to independent retailers

The reason given is that such supplies are uneconomic. Really? So long as a profit is being turned, it’s hard to see why that should although it is perfectly possible to deem many transactions as “uneconomic” simply by applying measures in a certain way.

More salient may be the inherent credit risk but it is hard to believe that insurance is not in place

What can be be denied is that this further swings the power of retail towards the major chains. It’s hard to defend that as a desirable development especially in an age when the high street is becoming ever more barren. This feels like a faceless unnecessary “cost of everything, value of nothing” ill thought decision. They should know better

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