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McKinsey take the biscuit

_68364855_68364854I have recently just finished Made in Britain by Evan Davis which is a readable and concise survey of the state of british manufacturing. It is optimistic and neatly blows away some myths. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Made-In-Britain-Nation-Living/dp/1408703300

It is also entertaining. Most especially the following quote from the supposed top management consultants, McKinsey

“uk biscuit manufacturers produce 2.6 times as many products as those in the US. This product proliferation reduces line downtime, wastes R&D and marketing resources and leads to lower productivity”

It is hard not to laugh

More seriously, the very fact that the consumers may demand more choice and the market has responded has clearly passed them by. A very basic economic fact. You wonder who paid for this “report” and dread to think how much

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