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Thoughts on the Tube Strike

_72768038_72765343-1Most Londoners have very little time for Bob Crow and his Union. Too many of their past demands have been excessive and frankly tube drivers are now hugely and overly rewarded at the expense of the commuter. Too often he has resorted to “strike first” think later and many strikes have been over issues which are laughably trivial.

But does that mean that he is always in the wrong? Of course not.

The closure of all ticket offices does baffle me frankly. Yes only 3% of sales are through these offices but i use the tube extensively and they are still used by travellers, most especially tourists. Many offices may well be unnecessary but I find it hard to believe that locations such as Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street are surplus to requirements

I also tend to agree with Crow about the security of the quieter stations. Presence of staff does make a difference

I was certainly no fan of Ken Livingstone, most especially for his sinister and divisive views on wider issues but I always felt that he understood the network. His drive to develop the London Overground has been a huge success (will post on this soon).

I am less convinced by Johnson. He has reneged on a promise and has now somewhat high handedly, set himself apart from the dispute. It may be a cheap shot that he was meeting 82 bankers yesterday rather than those involved in the dispute, but its sticks

Boris and Crow are too larger than life but ultimately underwhelming leaders. Crow has a point here but London deserves better

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