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Debt collectors and their tricks

gty_debt_collection_jt_120318_wgNo one wishes to dwell too long on this rather charmless profession but every ow and then struggling clients of mine will be faced with aggressive tactics and misrepresentation from less scrupulous collectors. And this includes major firms

One firm regular targets directors of businesses indicating that they gain access to their home addresses and seize property. This is clearly nonsense and quite straightforward to counter. I have a standard letter if anyone is interested

The second spurious claim is that they can impose their collection costs on you.
This is far from certain and would have to be specified in the agreement at the very least. Even if in the contract, it is a term which could certainly be countered as “unfair”.

Then there are the charges. I know of one agency which attempts to impose its fees in advance on the basis of a “no collect no fee” basis. I wonder if they will still be around in six months

If you have a debt issue, use someone like myself if negotiation is key or simply the courts if its enforceable. Agencies have their role but it is extremely limited in my opinion and certainly not for debts of value

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