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Where to meet in London?

imageA perennial question. Not that there is any shortage of choice and any number of Starbucks, Costas and Neros will suffice. At the other end of the scale, hotels like the Grosvenor and Browns are fine if you want a conventional atmosphere and can bear the bill

But what about alternatives? Where the food and coffee is much more appealing and the venue is a little more memorable for a a variety of reasons?

Here are some suggestions

1. Notes (pictured above)


Opposite the National Portrait Gallery just off Trafalgar Square, Notes could hardly be easier to find. Great coffee and food, its a venue that has always been commented on by contacts. Why? Atmosphere is relaxed and yet there is a nice buzz. Just have to see for yourself. Its my favourite but do not that it doesnt have Wifi

2. Nordic Bakery


Tucked away off Marylebone High street, this is a quiet but really excellent venue. Coffee is high quality and the Swedish pastries make a nice change from the usual.

3. Artigiano


The city is all a bit rushed in too many venues and the usual chains dominate. Walk down to the shadow of St Pauls and this independent has great coffee again and is an easy venue to find the space for an informal meet

4. John Lewis Oxford Street

No need to link the website and this might seem a surprising choice, but the top floor cafe is spacious and very comfortable. Before lunch it is also very quiet and the wifi is first class

Feel free to make your own suggestions






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