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Where not to meet in London

men_in_pubFor every good business venue there is a totally inappropriate one. In truth, as in one case below, alternatives were thin on the ground, but here is my list of places which are less than ideal

1. Weatherspoons pubs. Cheap and great wifi. Also spacious. So what could go wrong? Well the frankly the clientelle at some of the less salubrious branches. Old guys shaking with shaking hands downing the first heavy lager at 10 am. Not pleasant and especially if they have not seen a bath for a while

2. Harris and Hoole. Great coffee and can be a nice place to work at certain times of the day. So whats the problem? Well in their wisdom they have heavily targeted the young mothers brigade and  as well as screaming kids by the dozen being semi deliberately smashed into by a pushchair is not uncommon. The noise can be indescribable.

3. Early morning networking clubs. What is it about 7am or even 6am starts that appeals ? I loathe early starts and frankly i am more likely to chew someones head off at the ridiculous hour than conduct friendly business. And as we all know, some of these “clubs” are simply jaw droppingly ridiculous

4. City of London. Always too crowded and too rushed. To my mind its worth just taking a few steps out to the fringes where at least there will be a more relaxed independent venue where you can hear yourself think and not feel that you have to move on after 20 minutes.

5. Balls Brothers, Coney and barrow etc.  I cant quite say why but these supposedly smart “wine bars” always come across as completely tacky to me. And full of….



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