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Checking an “unlimited company”

Interesting discussion here

And interesting question maybe?

There are in fact very few genuinely “unlimited companies” . Partnerships are more common of course and i suspect they are the main topic of the thread. 

So how do you credit check ? Naturally enough there is no requirement for filed accounts which complicates matters somewhat

Many on the thread suggest bank and trade references. Thats fair enough but they always have to be taken with a pinch of salt and not   ideal for larger transactions 

Personal credit checks on the partners is probably the way to go but it is also worth asking yourself one question? And it is a positive

Why have the partners not taken the relatively straightforward step of incorporation? Why have they decided its not essential for them to limit their liabilities?

Provided that they are clearly not transient and are probably houseowners, that can be taken as a reasonably strong positive


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