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End of Wonga? Lets hope so

it would appear that there could be real grounds for criminal prosecution. If so, the company should be suspended from conducting new business until the outcome of the trial. The “compensation” and penalties imposed thus far are hopelessly lightweight but thankfully the publicity should do untold damage to their prospects. If there was ever a business that i would love to see fail, this is it

Here is a legal view

Wonga could be investigated for a string of criminal offences, from fraud to falsely impersonating a solicitor and even blackmail, says lawyer Dan Bunting.
It is a crime under the Fraud Act to dishonestly make a false representation, intending to make a gain or cause a loss to another, when you know it is false and misleading.
The Solicitors Act of 1974 makes it an offence for someone to falsely claim to be a solicitor – although there is usually a six month time limit from the date of this particular offence.
Wonga could also be charged with blackmail under section 21 of the Theft Act 1968 – as a threat to take people to court could be regarded as ‘an unwarranted demand with menaces’.
Mr Bunting said: ‘So, whilst “blackmail” conjures up connotations of masked men making a ransom demand after a kidnapping, this may well be close.’




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