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Cant manage ? Wont manage..

bad-manager-1One in eight employees find “absolutely nothing” to admire in their boss (see here)

This does not surprise me. After a number of years working for some generally decent people I was happily driven to self employment by a couple of “bosses” who were genuinely unpleasant and somewhat psychotic personalities. I’ve had the last laugh…

But more seriously, why is so little attention given to man management skills and training? I was fortunate to be managing a team at a particularly young age (22) and did so pretty continuously for next 20 years. Starting early helps but superb courses run by the old Industrial Society set me on the way. To this day, certain completely logical but vital guidelines stay with me.

Bad man management is a disgrace. There is no excuse. Many will never be adept at handling people regardless of the training and that being the case, they should never draw the salary. Others have the ability but misuse through simple ignorance. No one should be appointed unless it is clear they have the ability but at the same time, it is remarkable that the least obvious candidates can often thrive and blossom in the role.

You need to know what to look for. Heres a brief list of my own

– Intelligence. You don’t get many fine managers who are frankly a bit thick

– Self assured. Confidence is important.

– An out going loner. Make sense?  Think it through

The biggest issue of all is that poor man management absolutely drains the life out of the people he or she is responsible for.

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