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Britain’s boom cities


It goes without saying that London is in a class of its own and is perhaps the worlds most dynamic city at the present time. Last week I read that London’s GDP is the second highest of any city in the world, the highest being Oslo.

But what about the rest of the uk? Grant Thornton have produced some headlines which are interesting. Sadly the full list is not available but here goes

The report, based on Grant Thornton’s High Growth Index, provides a ranking of English cities and districts according to their growth over an eight year period (2004 – 2012). London maintains nine of the top 10 best performing districts overall. However, outside of the capital, it places Manchester, Birmingham and Milton Keynes in the top three cities (in descending order), as measured by economic and demographic growth.


The analysis also assesses the quality of local growth – or ‘dynamism’ – to identify areas with a vibrant and dynamic economy capable of supporting future expansion, based on a basket of key drivers. London again tops the ranking, with nine out of the top 10 dynamic growth areas. Outside the capital, Cambridge, Reading and Manchester top the cities list of future sustainable growth.

Manchester is no surprise. I have recently had some business in the city and yes there is a buzz. Cambridge is logical given its high tech profile and having some significant contacts in Reading as well as knowing the town very well, it is easy to see why the prospects are good

But Birmingham was a surprise. We have heard a lot about liverpool’s renaissance and Leeds strengths and growth in finance but Birmingham is clearly booming

– See more at: http://www.grant-thornton.co.uk/en/Media-Centre/News/2014/Grant-Thornton-analysis-finds-growth-prospects-outside-of-London-despite-capitals-dominance/#sthash.xNFHaMPc.dpuf

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