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Name and shame?

My previous post has generated quite a response and a lot of hits. That’s fair enough but there have been responses querying whether I should have named the agency in question

This is a difficult one. Last year I was passed a story from a very reliable source regarding pretty horrendous treatment by a major bank towards and invoice discounting client. I am certain it was accurate but at that time I was taken to task for not naming the bank in question.

Why did i not do so? Reason was that i could not entirely verify the story. In this case I can

Credit agencies serve a purpose and frequently they will offer a very good service but the other side of the coin is that they are judged on their opinions and their opinions only. In this case it was not so much disagreeing with the rating as the sloppy rational behind it. That was the concern.

There are whole blog dedicated to highlighting “bad behavior” by certain lenders. Each blog targets a certain lender. That is not something I approve of because it will give the appearance of being a little obsessive

To be clear, I am not interested in vendettas or targeting certain players in the credit and finance industry but at the same time I will not shy away highlighting bad practice when I see it first hand.

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