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Death of the E book? And the end of web browsing?

Secondhand-bookshop-on-Ch-007Probably not, but as has been reported over the past couple of years the sale of printed media is holding up very well against the e book. In fact I will stick my neck out and predict that books will start to reclaim a greater percentage of the market. Like many I have pretty well ditched ebooks and returned to printed matter and the reasons why are explained clearly in this study

Then we have the supposed new year resolution by Mark Zukerberg. Far be it for me to follow or listen to a semi celebrities intentions for 2015 but it does have to be said that the founder of Facebook sounding like the head of BMW espousing the joys of cycling.

Good news. I am a pretty avid reader with about 4 books on the go at anytime and no amount of web browsing compensates for the tactile and rewarding experience of a very good read of a real book

And that does also include the reading of blogs

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