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Breakout Nations. A review

9780241957813Many books written on the economies and nation states “breaking out” from previous economic tribulations and underachievement tend towards either the fawning or the doom laden. Political instinct takes over and titles such as the probably hopeful “When China rules the world” abound, so it is a pleasure to read an wide ranging and yet concise account from a cool eyed investment perspective

This excellent read certainly fits the bill.


This being a virtual tour of most of the emerging nations but also touching on the “first world” market, with pithy and sharp observations, there are many interesting and surprising observations. Opinions are not shied away from but the writer always manages to keep a strong sense of perspective by highlighting the negatives in markets where his views are favourable.

There are certain principles which drive his views and they are hard to argue with. The book was written in 2012 so subsequent events can give credence to his opinions and his views that commodities have been overpriced has been born out as is his observation that the US economy will bounce back strongly

Nations heavily reliant of commodities such as Russia and Brazil are strongly criticised and other economies which are bedeviled with “crony capitalism” ( Brazil again, India) are slated to continue to under-perform. Certainly South Korea is held up as a fine example of an economy that has successfully adapted to changing market conditions and will continue to do so. Poland and the Czech republic too but there are many nuances in his sharp observations making this an truly excellent read

Not just for investors but also anyone who is involved with credit in these markets

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