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Thomas Cook. Clueless?

Talking of a the value of a good name, what on earth is going on at Thomas Cook? I am sure most of you are already aware of this story

This is a classic case of a corporation suffering from little or simply malign leadership and leaving all decision making to the desperately narrow view of the “professionals”. When it came to actually taking a humane stance it was clear that the advice from lawyers was “you don’t have to” and from the accountants “think of the bottom line”

The clear headline story here is that Thomas Cook profited to the tune of £3.5m from the deaths of two children. That is not exactly good PR

This was a tragic dreadful story and TC should have pulled out all the stops to do the right thing. Someone with more intelligence and experience should have grasped this, slammed to door on the near autistic “advice” and simply “done the right thing”

What a horrible company. The quicker the internet booking services bring this seedy organisation to a close the better.

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