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London Garden Bridge. No thanks

Safari One of London’s many great strengths is the constant evolving cityscape. It is a city which can preserve its heritage whilst throwing up some great architecture. The city is neither a museum or cold functional metropolis. Genuine great buildings such as the Shard and the Leadenhall Building are world class additions as is the continuing wonderful development of the whole south bank.

Which brings us neatly to the “Garden Bridge” so beloved of certain celebrities and Boris Johnson. Above is what might be described as a sympathetic artists impression of the ridiculous structure. My view is that it will look quite weirdly out of place and frankly will also ruin one of the world’s great views

The fact is that it will look just like a bridge which has been left to fester and overgrow. Bridges can be beautiful structures as anyone who has seen the Golden Gate, the Forth Rail or the millenium bridge will testify. But to my mind and overgrown bridge is as logical and as charming as a concreted over garden

Furthermore it will be right bang in the middle of one of the worlds great views. That from Waterloo bridge to the city. Also as one perceptive architect pointed out, the Thames is not the seine or Venice. Its a very tidal cold and powerful river which is not easily prettified this far upstream. Or to put it another way. This just looks all wrong

The argument about green space is also completely daft. London is by some distance the greenest major city in the world and in europe only in my experience does Hamburg come close

Money was due to be thrown at this folly but thankfully it would appear that it has just been voted down. I hope this is the end of the story and not just because of the given reason that its a laughable waste of tax payers money on a “transport project” that will not improve transport

Boris Johnson and friends should have the guts now to ditch this immediately

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