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Sick of Greece

Who isn’t? The left wing administration have struck me as being no more than preening immature teenage marxists hopelessly out of their depth but thoroughly enjoying basking in the publicity. There has been much discussion on the likely consequences of the almost certain exit and almost every scenario is bleak. There is some sympathy from certain quarters which I find somewhat baffling although I do feel this can be explained by the simple minded Bad big guys (IMF , Germany) against plucky small guys (Greece). Simple minded nonsense of course

What will happen will happen but the referendum is a joke . It demonstrates to me that the administration cannot adequately lead and has no sense of direction or strategy

More interesting perhaps is to consider the wider effects of this saga. These are my thoughts

– The euro has had its day. The scandinavians and the British correctly called its future failure and attempting to make economic strategy purely on political idealism is doomed to failure

– This is a blow for the so called “anti austerity” parties across europe. Whilst there will be usual paranoid assumptions that the EU and IMF are plotting to bring down a far left wing party the fact of the matter is that other countries have complied with the demands and turned the corner.

– Goldman Sachs disgracefully assisted Greece is falsifying the numbers which led to this mess. When are they going to be called to account for this near fraud? Surely there should be sanctions on any future work for this firm within the EU?

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