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Another Tube Strike

tfl_3Once again London is hit with a damaging strike which yet again appears to be based on the flimsiest of grievances. Tube drivers are exceptionally well paid and frankly very fortunate to be in the bargaining position they are. Most Londoners would welcome the whole lot being fired tomorrow and replaced with labour at a true market rate.

The dispute is over the running of the tubes during the night. Who couldn’t welcome this? A major boost to London’s appeal to tourists and massive assistance to the many night workers in basic low paid jobs. Far left labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn certainly did not consider benefits to other far less well paid shift workers when tabling his commons motion against the proposed changes. At least it distracted him from his sinister fawning over anti semitic terrorist organisations and preachers

Another great benefit is that it will hammer the Black cab trade. Perhaps the second most reviled London “profession”. Cyclists like myself will feel safer.

The other side of the coin is that the mayor is a poor negotiator as demonstrated with the previous issue of closure of ticket offices. Ill thought out and in many ways lazily considered it reflected a mayor who seemingly has he mind on other matters. Which we know to be the case

Londoners deserve better from both sides

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