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Two shows at the Tate

electricprisms1913_0martin-untitledThere are two shows at the Tate Modern covering two well regarded female artists who are very contrasting in styles and maybe popularity.

Art is often well appreciated when comparing differing artists. Many great shows have taken this as a theme. My suggestion is that if you visit the Tate this summer take in both shows

Sonia Delauney’s show is the more popular by far. As you can see above, her colours are vibrant and striking. Agnes Martin is the polar opposite. Straight lines and the palest shades, reflecting the sun drenched bleached landscape of her latter home in Arizona. Delauney’s abstracts are full of movement, Martin’s are hypnotically still

Which did I prefer? Perhaps preference is the wrong description in art, Do I “prefer” Turner to Warhol etc? But it felt unavoidable with these two shows

Agnes Martins extraordinarily hypnotic pieces stole my imagination. As a member at the Tate, I can return again and again to lose myself and I have done so. Maybe think of Rothko for Martin and Kadinsky for Delauney and you have a rough idea of the contrasts. Very approximate but you will get the idea



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