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Demolition Blues

Earthquake+Damaged+Building+Blown+Up+Controlled+B-g3Wj8XZYEl-2This is a good story…

I have recently had reason to investigate the possibilities of funding demolition companies and whether they looked upon favourably in terms of the contracts amongst other aspects. The feedback has been quite positive although the extent of demolition work is more involved and longer term than we may believe, but overall funders like this sector

Naturally one of my questions was “what can go wrong?”. This is always something that brokers and lenders have to consider. One very good contact of mine at a lender with significant experience said “funny you should say that”

Apparently they had a client who went into pre pack administration due to an avalanche of writs and claims. Why was this you may wonder? Finished the job late? Left the site in a mess? No

They blew up the wrong building…

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