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Trouble in Jamie’s kitchen

imageJamie Oliver does tend to divide opinion between those who feel that he is a breath of fresh air in the food business and those that maybe find his self publicity and slightly sanctimonious attitude a bit tiresome. It is no surprise then that the press have seized upon his restaurants chains troubles 

From afar there would appear to be two classic factors at play here, both of which are red lights when it comes to credit assessment

Firstly there is the classic overexpansion. Not just in terms of actual restaurant openings but in the diversity of the enterprises. Frankly he has simply spread himself too thin and lost control. How many times have we seen this whereby an entrepreneur believes that a little success means that they believe they have the Midas touch? And how often do we see the grasshopper mentality whereby no project is seen through properly to fruition?

Secondly he has brought in a friend to resolve the problems. Aside from this persons dubious past it would appear that his actions have destroyed morale within the business with consequences for customer service in what is very obviously a client facing business. Furthermore his relationship makes it more difficult for Jamie to take an objective view and make changes. Precisely the scenario that nearly brought down Gordon Ramseys group.

It it fairly clear he should have taken dispassionate truly professional advice. You get the distinct feeling that that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better





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