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Wimbledon gone to the dogs


If you are a follower of football you may well be aware of this news and if you are a follower of dog racing you most certainly will be.

Afc Wimbledon were formed by fans when Wimbledon FC relocated to Milton Keynes and reformed under the name MK Dons. It became a huge success story with the new club attracting substantial support and quickly climbing the non league ladder before reaching their dream of full league status, where they have remained ever since.

During that time the purchased Kingstonians ground and allowed Kingstonian to remain as tenants.The ground has a small capacity of around 3800 and the long term desire of the club and fans was to return to their “home” in Wimbledon. This dream would appear to be coming to fruition

All good one might say but for every winner there is a loser. Firstly arc Wimbledon have sold their ground to Chelsea fc with no guarantees made for the continuing tenancy of Kingstonian fc who have played there for over 100 years I believe. Secondly the site they are developing is the very last arena for greyhound racing in the London area. It will leave the sport homeless in the capital where once there were numerous tracks

Greyhound racing has been declining in popularity over the years with many tracks shutting but it does still retain a following. The stadium is also the home of dog racings biggest event.

Effectively two sets of sports fans are going to be left high and dry by Afc Wimbledons actions. That’s life of course but the club was supoosedly “fan based” and presented a fluffy image to the media who tended to treat them as such. The club has to look after its own interests of course but you can’t help thinking that they are charging ahead with little consideration and acting no differently to any other concern in this highly competitive business

They have every right to do so of course but the idea that somehow they are “different” has been shown to be nothing more than a myth of public relations



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