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End of FIFA

imageBack on the issue of sport the welcome banning of Blatter and Platini from the game of football for either years has essentially brought the whole group of governing bodies to their knees. Trust in these seedy organisations is impossible and a complete overhaul is more than a necessity

So what to do? Essentially there are two problems with Fifa and these both revolve around money and more specifically clientelism.

FIFA generates huge sums of money. A large chunk of this is passed onto to various nations under the guise of ‘development’. Football is a very simple sport and arguably the very cheapest to ‘develop’ which raises the question of why development money is needed at all. After all most of the leading footballing nations didn’t exactly require outside financial help to develop the Messis, Ronaldos and Rooneys of this world.

Secondly there eyre is the bidding process which is of course a complete farce. The World Cup has too often been played in unsuitable locations with resulting whit elephant stadiums and clueless local crowds. Is there any manager, club or supporter who really believe that Qatar let alone Russia are ideal locations for a tournament?

Both the above processes (for want of a better word) are at the heart of FIFAs collapse. Development money is nothing less than a vehicle for buying votes.One would dread to wish to see the result of a full and proper audit. Rotating world cups is a farce and the bidding naturally leads to corruption

The answer? Take both factors out of the equation. There will be no development money and no bidding for tournaments. Frankly if you need ‘development’ money to finance the running of the cheapest and yet most profitable sport known to man then you need to have a good look at yourself. Or your colleagues bank balances.

Tournaments ts can simply be rotated around the nations with the existing infrastructure. Climate,  time zones and security being significant issues too

I believe a new organisation should simply be run by the dozen or so most powerful nations in the game. The criteria would be a mix of playing standards and tv money. This will naturally many throwing their hands up in the air but a situation whereby the Cayman Islands has the same power as Germany is untenable

These nations should break away and form their own tournament which otehrs would be welcome to join. Frankly they will have no choice because any alternative would be unwatchable and meaningless

This would  generate huge sums as before and the new body should get every available penny. But what happens to this

Not a cent goes back into the game other than the cover costs. The remainder is distributed under a charitable trust the anything other than football

If Zukenburg and Gates can do it, then why no football?

No Blatters. No Qatars. No enriched officials. And millions to deserving causes.

I rest my case

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