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Francis Fukuyama



Fancy a rewarding New Years read? One that goes some way towards explaining the world as it stands today and in a very engaging manner

Fundamentally this is an exploration of why different societies succeed or fail in different ways. The emphasis is on political order which musnt be confused with political regimentation. Quite the contrary with freedoms governed by efficient and workable structures being the basis for any successful model.

Illuminating examples are plentiful. The chaos of Nigeria. The under achievement of Argentina. The legalistic tradition of the USA. The drift towards cronyism and nepotism in Brazil and India and the reasons why. The list is extensive and fascinating

It is clear that the structures of the state go a very long way towards underpinning the economic prosperity and the author sounds some warnings for the future . Particularly aimed towards the usa

However the book is fundamentally optimistic and I believe essential reading for anyone who wishes to grasp the world and understand the sometimes baffling contradictions across nation states and their successes

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