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CBI slams brexit

According to this survey the CBI, with the assistance of PWC have claimed that 1million job would disappear after brexit.

As someone who is very undecided about whether to stay or go, I am naturally drawn to any arguments put forward either way. At the same time there are two points always worth considering.

What results would those who commissioned the survey wish to see?

How does this compare with previous speculations?

To explain the second point, we were told that not entering the euro would cost us “thousands of jobs” and hinder investment. This was a line promoted strongly by the cr manufacturers in particular who then went onto increase investment at a pretty rapid rate

The first point is very much answerable by the CBI’s stance and most probably that of PWC too

In its report for the CBI, accountancy firm PwC examined what would happen if Britain signed a free trade agreement with the EU within five years of an exit vote or decided to conduct business as a member of the World Trade Organisation. In that instance, it said negotiations could “prove more difficult and prolonged”.
The firm forecast that if Britain voted to stay in the EU, the average annual GDP growth between 2016 and 2020 would be 2.3%.
This compares with 1.5% economic expansion under a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and 0.9% if the UK struck a deal as a WTO member, PwC said.

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