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Dreadful article on Steel


Perhaps its simply a case of “only in the Guardian” but it is extraordinary that supposedly serious journalists can write this drivel

The whole premise of the article is that the UK would suffer a “devastating” economic blow if the steel industry closed. Firstly the industry is not closing down. Much of it is profitable and relatively safe. What the lazy author does not highlight is that it is a very diverse industry with only certain sectors under immediate threat

Secondly this nonsense about the whole economy being brought to its knees with the loss of a few thousand jobs is truly ridiculous. Last year 3000 jobs were created daily in the uk. Give the economy a week…

And of course she completely fails to open up the other side of the equation which is clearly the “effect on the economy” of the government pumping in an endless subsidy

This is far from being a political post from me and I have full sympathy for those who’s jobs are on the line. As I would in any sector.

But lazy arguments by unskilled highly paid journalists are deliberately misleading and of no use to anyone

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