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The three day week?

This story has rightly caught the headlines. It would appear that the optimum working week for over 40s would be around 25 hours if they wish to maintain strong productivity and capability into later life.

I can certainly see the logic and one of the most striking results was that those that work more than 60 hours a week are less able than those who loaf all day doing absolutely nothing. Totally agree. In my past office life I never once came across a effective or particularly intelligent workaholic.

Of course the big question here is what manifests itself as “work”. Is work stressful and draining if its something you truly enjoy and can manage at a pace that suits?  Rather smugly I will state that this is largely my situation. Also I believe that its the sheer politics of office life which gradually wear even the strongest characters down, not just the workload.

I have a great deal of experience of happily managing teams in offices. I like to think that i was effective and I also drove people towards the objective and simply getting the job done and getting out bang on time. The reason? Because I simply wanted fresh motivated the next day rather than someone who hung around to nine o clock to impress some second rate boss.

If the above survey drives industry towards appreciating and understanding that it is the work completed and not the hours spent that is the key, then progress will be made

Alternatively they could simply ask anyone who is self employed

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