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Philip Green. No choice

Philip Green has just taken delivery of a 100m yacht. His third. Apparently his wealth totals somewhere close to 3.2 billion

It was rightly suggested in the Times today that he has to make good a big chunk of the pension deficit at BHS. A figure of 200m was suggested

Its quite simple. If he does so then there will be a feeling that as shoddy as this whole business has been, we can move on. If he doesn’t then this will confirm the impression that he’s a greedy repellant character who should be shunned and despised. He doesnt need the money of course

But as I stated previously, capitalism has a responsibility to present the right face to the world and not simply be viewed as grasping and souless. This is vital with such a growing feeling of dislocation from the general population and the superrich as well as their hangers on.

We shall see which way this blows. I am not optimistic





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