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Apple service. What does this indicate?

Few tales are more boring than those of poor client service so I will keep this brief. Aside from the frustration I am also very interested in what this says about Apple inc and where they stand in the market

A few years back I converted to Apple products and never looked back. The quality was streets ahead and the service excellent. It was worth the premium.

Recently I purchased a MacBook Air. Lovely product but after two months the keyboard started to act strangely. On cue I took it to an Apple Store. Admittedly I did not have an appointment but should you need one for a new product which has near enough immediately failed?  On the day there were “no more appointments” . Not good but I said can I book? No because all future days were booked out too. Could I come back each day to see if there were any available slots?

I hit the roof. You do not have to have an “appointment” to return goods that simply don’t work.

They did give me a slot and the machine was looked at for “liquid damage” . Fair enough because that would be a possible cause although I knew it wasn’t. Booked into a repair and here I am waiting. They said up to two weeks and two weeks later I’m waiting

This is seriously poor service. This is a business which to my mind has become complacent and lacks hunger. I was far from the only unhappy client and you can sense a slippery slope

Once upon a time they had adequate staff and quickly replaced faulty units in the spot. That was when they had hunger.

Now they dont. Draw your own conclusions but this is a classic negative business model.

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