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“Factoring” on the increase


Firstly I really dislike the description “factoring” tainted as it is with missold facilities, seedy salesmen and shoddy credit control. Invoice financing or even better, asset financing is far more appropriate. That however is not the point and of more interest is the growth of this form of finance across the globe

The report does highlight some fairly dramatic statistics and I will admit I was fairly surprised to see that comparatively the American market is quite significantly smaller than Europe or Asia.  I will be taking a closer look at this with some interet but in the meantime there was one item that struck me as possibly significant.

The market in the USA declined by 3%. This is a significant number in what is still a huge market. Is there an explanation and a pointer to the future?

That question hinges on whether these stats include the fin techs or not. If they do not then we have a clear indication that in the home of the fintech there is a significant eating away at the established market.

The natural response is that soon enough what happens there will happen here


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