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Brexit. What will it mean?

I am sure that many readers will have absorbed quite enough information and one more view may not be welcome but here are a few thoughts that do relate to the world of sme finance

  1. The trade agreement issue is heavily overstated. The eu itself has very few completed trade agreements with the rest of the world with the USA Japan and China being rather significant exceptions. The idea that by leaving the eu we will dive into a spiteful tariff war is fanciful to say the least. Such a prospect is of no benefit whatsoever to either side
  2. It is true that most smes will be freed of “red tape” but will it be to the extent that it will seriously affect productivity or is it just a painful nusisance
  3. There is a view that eu regulations stifle creativity in the sme sector but is that really born out by the astonishing developments and growth in the tech market in London ?
  4. Is the eu committed to reform or further integration? This really is a big unanswered question. My view is that a rolling back from the idealistic superstate is more likely than a forward push.
  5. A minor point but signicant for many in our trade. There is apparently a push towards harmonisation of insolvency and company laws. I am sceptical about that practicality of such a move and will come back to this.
  6. Will a single truly unified market entity with so many varying business cultures ever really work or is this just the euros problems repeated on a smaller scale?



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