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To visit or not to visit?


Last week I was at an interesting event where I met  a number of other brokers. Usually this is not my idea of great company but in fairness there  were some pleasant conversations

One item came up which continues to surprise me. The question of how you engage with a  client. Do you simply try to broker the arrangement remotely or do you make the effort to actually visit the prospect?

It would appear that I am certainly in the minority but each and every time I will make a big effort to sit opposite the client and explain precisely what they are committing themselves to as well as ascertaining some pretty important information necessary for all parties

Why is this so important? I will give a number of reasons

  1. Financing is vital to the business. You have to fully understand not just what they have achieved and are are presently achieving but also what the future holds. You need an open discussion
  2. You have to match the client to the lender. Quite frankly some business development managers are simply not going to relate well to certain clients.
  3. Asset based lending is long term. You are building a relationship which could last many years. I have a number of very good relationships with clients which have developed into other areas
  4. It should certainly not be just the lender who is assessing the client. The broker should act as a conduit and a his or her opinion should be of value. Fortunately my long experience in commercial credit management is of assistance









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